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Removal of Fluoride Contamination : Bankura

Bankura, West Bengal is one amongst many places in India where a number of people have been poisoned by groundwater contaminated by excessive fluoride which is dissolved from the granite rocks. Soluble Fluoride salts in water in high concentrations are very toxic in nature. The effects are evident in the bone deformation in adults due to chronic exposure to fluoride in large amounts and dental fluorosis particularly in children due to fluoride overexposure during tooth development. Additionally, fluoride ingestion can produce gastrointestinal discomfort even at lower doses. Sadly, such problems were rampant in this part of the country until we were roped into the game of groundwater purification which was to put an end to all the woes and help improve the quality of life of the rural masses. So, the following is what we did in a nutshell.

We feel truly proud of having played an instrumental role in the reduction of fluoride content in water and making it completely safe and suitable for drinking purposes. We have been successful in the installation and commissioning of 10 plants here in Bankura which are running flawlessly till date. These plants are equipped with state-of-the-art fluoride removal technology which helps in reducing the fluoride content in water drastically, from a maximum concentration of 9.92 mg/liter to 0.26 mg/liter, rendering it completely potable as per current Bureau of Indian Standards. This work was carried out essentially at the different locations of Simlapal Block in the district of Bankura of West Bengal under Bankura division, PHE Dte.

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