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Removal of Arsenic contamination : Gonda

Arsenic has long been considered to be one of the most dangerous water pollutants simply because it is carcinogenic and the effects on the human body due to arsenic ingestion could be catastrophic and can even lead to death. The dominant basis of arsenic poisoning is from ground water that naturally contains high concentrations of arsenic. The people of Gonda, U.P have long been suffering from various diseases due to chronic arsenic poisoning from drinking contaminated groundwater over a long period of time until we stepped into the frame to alleviate the pain and suffering of the people by addressing the root cause itself which was arsenic contamination.

We take pride in implementing a new and intriguingly simple adsorption technique for the removal of arsenic from ground drinking water. Our Arsenic Removal Technology is based on chemical adsorption of Arsenic by AdsorpAsĀ®. The granular ferric hydroxide AdsorpAsĀ® is not only the best adsorbent but is also environmentally friendly. AdsorpAsĀ® can eliminate Arsenic of any concentration present in groundwater to permissible limits for potable use. We have successfully installed our plants in the remotest of areas in U.P and one of the many best features is that our plants do not require power to run. The media which has been used is anti-leaching which does not allow arsenic to contaminate ground water again, even if it is left bare on the ground. We have successfully erected and commissioned 110 plants in Lucknow which are all running flawlessly.

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