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Mobile Van : Bihar

We take pride in being a part of this endeavor for the effective surveillance and determination of water quality across the entire state of Bihar and ascertain if the source of water is within safe chemical content limits, suitable for drinking purposes. Besides creating awareness amongst the rural folks about the water quality issues and water borne diseases, these vans will essentially negate the need to transport samples and the costs associated with it.

The mobile water testing labs which are four in number are equipped with state of the art modern gadgets which are capable of conducting tests for parameters such as pH, hardness, conductivity, turbidity, TDS, chloride content, fluoride content, iron content, nitrate content, arsenic content, ammonia content, calcium/magnesium content and bacterial content. These mobile vans are quite sturdy in nature and can travel to any remote and hilly regions of the state for spot analysis of water quality. The project has been completed successfully and trial runs have now begun.

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Ph: 033 2442 4167 & 2442 4168

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