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Iron Removal Technology

20000 Gph Capacity Iron Removal Plant At

Iron and Manganese are unaesthetic parameters present mostly in groundwater, causing unwanted precipitation and color. Iron removal is based on the precipitation of dissolved iron (Fe2+) into its oxidized form (Fe3+), as Fe(OH)3 or Fe2O3.


The different techniques for Iron removal by physical-chemical way based on water pH, Iron content, hardness etc are as given below.

  • Aeration
  • Forced Aeration with compressed air
  • Chemical Dosing for coagulation, pH adjustment
  • Contact bed oxidation
  • Filtration


The Iron Removal Scheme of Flow capacity 1 to 50 cu.m/hr is designed and proposed by us on the basis of Raw inlet water quality and site conditions to produce Iron free potable water as per IS and WHO standards. The different components of our IRON REMOVAL SYSTEM are as given below.

  • Spray Aerator/Cascade aerator
  • Air Compressor
  • Chemical Dosing System with mixer
  • Oxidation Chamber
  • Pressure/Gravity Filtration
  • Air Blower for Filter back-wash


  • Pressure Vessel designed as per IS standards
  • Uniform inlet water distributor and bottom collecting system
  • Technically designed graded media configurations
  • Pipe-works layout designed for easy operation and maintenance
  • Treated Water ensures Iron < 0.1 mg/l and Turbidity < 1 NTU

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